PureSmoker Icon Electronic Cigarette. I'm sure if you tried an ICON or Prodigy V3 you would of been happy. My first e-cigarette from PureSmoker was their ICON, a smaller mod. Due to the recent influx in problems shipping to Canada, we will no longer. All about the PureSmoker Prodigy V3 and ICON. PureSmoker Icon Video Review A video review / demonstration of the. ScrewDriver Mk II - PureSmoker Icon - Lavatube V1 - Riva - EGo C Twist. Puresmoker Icon e-Cigarette Reviewby TheHappyVaper2,800 views. But Ive been thinking I would like one of these myself recently only problem is all the ones.

PureSmoker Icon Electronic Cigarette Switch Upgradeby. The only downsides of the Icon that I can see are that I have to recharge the batteries a couple of times a day and I have had problems with the atomizer. Atomiser caps such as those on the PureSmoker V3. It is a problem that some mods seem permanently out of stock, you. Hey grimmgreen, don't know if you solved the problem, probly you don't care.

The problem with vent holes in e-cigsby terraphon1,317 views. I have had issues with cracking of the tube but of those supplied by a. Another mod called the Chuck gave me some problems too, especially. The one thing that differentiates the Copper line of PV mods from others is the. I'm having a problem in Call Of Duty, I go to the menu and. The vendors' response, insisting that this was an unusual problem. I've been using a Puresmoker ICON for about a year now and love it, I'm. Hey grimmgreen, don't know if you solved the problem, probly you.

Com website are intended for adults ONLY! The products sold on the PureSmoker. 1 from puresmoker and thought I'd give it another try. Electronic Cigarette Problems · Electronic Cigarette Ratings. Small and perfectly formed. Some vaping you encounter problems with juice feeding and taste. Com website are intended for adults ONLY! By entering.

First Impression: ICON from Puresmokerby priefertjg1,046 views; QUICK. Puresmoker Icon , Megalodon , , 2 x Lavatube. Biography: Founder & President of PureSmoker. I have also posted a written review of the Icon with purchasing information which can be seen by clicking. I now make a much thinner mix by cutting my liquids with PG, and these problems have gone away. Noalox Had it for 4 months without a problem with normal cleaning every 2 weeks.

Watch Later ICON FROM PURESMOKER. The only problem is i cant stop buying stuff. I really like the overall design of the Icon, save for a couple of issues. I had intermittent problems with the switches as did most everyone else, the nice. Basilray Reviews: The Legacy from PureSmoker. The icon was a cracking little mod, this one? i don't get the flare at the top. In the puresmoker lineup by the new iCon, it's kind of a smaller version of. Review of the Puresmoker ICON electronic cigarette.

Is Houston's predominant air pollution problem, with the American. If you use the plinth it holds the tank firmly in place so it shouldn't be a problem. 1 with imist 510 atomiser or Bauway 306 lr. Disposable Alpha Ultramax Puresmoker ICON DSE801 GGTB Kreep E-Cig MC. If you are willing to cover the extra then it shouldn't be a problem. 1 & ICON PARTS Discontinued >. Puresmoker Legacy - posted in Shopping: I think the air vents are going to.

Probably middle of the range in higher- end battery mods. Unopened and prob close to a year and a half old. My problem is I don't seem to be hearing surround sound. Puresmoker - US, SouthEast. -- all cosmetic in nature.

Find a problem? Report it. In the puresmoker lineup by the new iCon, it's kind of a smaller version of. Too many damn fine looking mods out there thats the problem. Imperfections Can Include but are not limited to: Nicks, dings, scratches, finish issues, etc. Nice ,fresh ,straight forward blueberry flavor, Puresmoker.

The fit of the two are complimentary, with no issues whatsoever. Puresmoker ICON Provari DSE808 Nomad E-Cig User Guides Innokin AIO PCC. 1 or the new PureSmoker ICON V1. I have a PS Icon and a Megalodon, both bottom button PVs. Overview of Puresmoker Icon Electronic Cigarette. Mods: Apex Alpha Ultra, Ally 'Don' , The BB, Puresmoker Icon v1.

PureSmoker Forum - Powered by vBulletin · Help. We only found one other device from memory, the others had issues. OMFG, that was awesome! HI DEF Review Of The Puresmoker Icon Electronic Cigarette by igetcha » Sun Aug 29, 8:24 pm: 3 Replies: 182 Views: Last post by slickplaid. USB wall chargers and solves the problem of only having access to. HI DEF Review Of The Puresmoker Icon Electronic Cigarette. 1 User Manual PDF · Dos and Don'ts · Common Issues and Solutions.

1 Review What is it: the Icon and its big brother, the Prodigy are some of the original USA made e-cigarette mods. I sent it back to Casey and she fixed it up no problem and shipped it back. 1: Impressions · Innokin 510 Tank E-Cigarette. View Loader Prodigy E - Z Gripby 300kike2,400 views; Prodigy V3. ScrewDriver Mk II x2, Black & Silver - PureSmoker Icon - Lavatube V1.

I think the air vents are going to cause a problem down the road, as in. Screwdriver Elite XL TW Titan E-NI The Shotgun Puresmoker ICON. Here is a review of the ICON from cheers. Problems with Tenergy batteries. Cloud 9 Vaping Puresmoker Icon. Sometimes, one person has some problem, and associates it to a. The lavatube is out, and there having issues with batts, being fakes. Each do the job they were designed to do without any problems ;. It fires every time, producing.

Puresmoker prodigy v3by tcook ,441 views · ICON FROM PURESMOKER. Select the Gear Icon -> Preferences PC or Safari -> Preferences Mac. A mod that oozes quality and is built like a tank, has a few niggly issues but nothing that made me regret the purchase. I also took the opportunity to perform. 1 with 510 + 801 caps plus a couple of extras :. Not a problem really, just something I experienced. Hi folks, Having received my new Icon in the post this morning I can't get it to.

So when a friend told me about dropping his Icon from Puresmoker from. Com, you certify that you are of legal smoking age. Aid for North Korea, food still a problem. Re: Parody GRIMMGETCHA69's Review of the Puresmoker Icon. I've got mine on order and hope to use it soon.

My Local football teams ground, Fleetwood Town without any issues. Ecigs · PureSmoker Legacy is the Cutting Edge. I had some trouble getting the unit to fire until I cleaned the gunk from off. Great review, thanks for a look at your icon. Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online and Save with PureSmoker's Bulk Discounts and Free Shipping! Com Protege' Followup / Final Review. Well I notice that the ICON will only take the unprotected battery.

I had issues with the machining of the 901 and 801 top-end caps, they never.