Similar Questions: quit smoking months ago long lungs normal. You can check out my Quitting Smoking Journey via video blog at:. I am at the gym moving at LEAST 2 hours a day. I quit smoking 9 months ago and my life still sucks. Posted 9 months ago by Osprey Permalink. I quit smoking about 1 month ago because I want to improve my health. 9 months ago; Report Abuse. Quit smoking 9 months ago. Cigarbabe2 in reply to Tim Lynch Show the comment 9 months ago.

I've been exercising regularly for the past couple months and I feel great. It's been 9 months since I quit, and I've gotten down to my goal weight of 128 lbs. I quit smoking 10 Months ago! You can quit. Fast forward… 9 years…me and friends…camp. 5 replies; For those who want to quit smoking, Mental Health Forum, 9 replies. I was a heavy smoker and I am celebrating my 9 months without. I quit again 9 months ago and got myself tested. I quit 8 years ago after smoking 30 years.

Will my lungs recover by time? My doctor told me this is normal and could last 6 months to a year. I quit smoking nearly 9 months ago because my gran…. CNN Tri Challenge - Rick Morris. I have not had a smoke for nearly 9 months now which makes me feel terrific. It has been over 9 months since I quit and I am severely depressed. I have surprised myself by being able to do it. One shouldn't quit smoking altogether, the body is addicted with nicotine intake.

Answers to the question, I Quit Smoking 15 Years Ago & A Really Hot Girl Talked Me Into. Same thing happened to me aswell, I stopped smoking for about 2 months. Quit Smoking Benefits: Between 1 to 9 months smoke-free: Starting as early as a month after you quit smoking, and continuing for the next. I quit smoking nearly 9 months ago because my grandfather died from cancer and my. To stomp on your corn stalk but in 5 days ima be smoke free for 9 months. It was about 11 months ago when Obama's doctor recommended he quit smoking, and now, they say he's not been smoking for 9 months.

I personally quit 9 months ago. That was 35 years ago and i have not had one cigarette since both personal. If you've only recently quit, I would say your chemical balance is. Hmariew 9 months ago in playlist Uploaded videos. I quit smoking 8 months ago.

I quit smoking 2 months ago. What Happens When You Quit Smoking. Hi there i have stopped smoking for 9 months now and find it very hard. Find out about the benefits of quitting smoking, including more money, better health. So yea I smoked to relieve my stress and fear, but I have since quit smoking 4 months ago. Heyy i quit smoking at new year im 17 i smoked 20 mayfair. Question: My friend quit smoking 9 months ago and now he suffers from depression, irritation, headache, and chest pain. People may gain about 10 pounds after quitting smoking; Still, the new. 9 Tips; 7 Resources; 75 Discussions.

Similar Questions: quit smoking days ago intense cravings subside. I quit smoking cigarettes 6 months ago and like 6 weeks ago I started smoking cigars now for the last 2 weeks I have had a sharp pain in my head only when I. Sighing or taking deep breaths, is not usually associated with smoke cessation. I was diagnosed about 9 months ago with ADHD. TheLooneyDaffy 9 months ago. Im 33 years old mother of 2.

Stop Smoking with Nicotine Solutions, No Cold Turkey, No Weight Gain. Edited 9 months ago; Report Abuse. I have stopped smoking recently. Lucky for me I '? shut lean forward because ive won? 30 pounds in 9 months, Misses? Do? average id say, i definitely eat more now because. During the presidential campaign, Mr Obama vowed to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Benefits - 1 to 9 Months - Benefits of Quitting Smoking - Afte. I was a pack a day smoker for 25 years. Anonymous wrote: I quit smoking 7 months ago. Dutchydc in reply to Vmt16 Show the comment 9 months ago. You will significantly increase your chances of a longer life as you stay a non- smoker. I am 21 years old and smoked for 3 and a half years.

It sucked, but now that I've started counting calories again and have lost nearly a third of. I have quit 7 months ago, when me and my wife found out that she was. I'm wondering if it's ok to smoke a cigar or if I. Time Smoke-Free: 8 days, 3 hours, 7 minutes and 9 seconds. 24 at 9:30 pm just keep some munchies handy, apples. " Help-I quit smoking 9 days ago, and need suggestions for help on staying quit. 3 months ago 9 likes frankiego wow i thought this was about quitting. I just give advice on how to quit etc.

This is more likely a symptom of anxiety. I quit smoking about 9 months ago and gained 30lbs. 1 to 9 months; Any sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath have decreased. Physical appearance: In the few months I've not smoked, I can tell my overall physical appearance. Rochelle 23 years old, smoked for 9 years, quit date 26/01/12 - Nicorette patches, gum for first 6. Find the answer to this and other Health questions on JustAnswer. Quit smoking too like 9 months ago 3 likes davee44 to stop smoking you try. Was a smoking expereince,,,of. If you're a smoker trying to quit, the good news is that there are a.

I am 28 and I quit 4 months ago. I quit cold turkey about 7 months ago, that is after a pretty steady 8 year habit. Founded: 9 months, 1 week ago. I used to smoke 40 Lambert and Butler a day, well at least buy 40 a day. It hit me - my stomach became so bloated I looked 9 months pregnant. I'm 56, quit 2 years, i month and 17 days ago after smoking for 38. 9 Yahoo! Answers - I quit smoking recently. 15 months ago, we decided to have a child.

Asked By: commongroundseekr 9 months ago in Current Events. Get advice and support on how to quit smoking for good, and other life goals. Hi there, I gave up smoking around one year ago and since then and only now and then in the morning I wake with a. Posted on: 3:51 pm, April 9, , by David Wells. I also use the NRT inhaler for quitting cigarettes, 9 months ago. I began telling myself it was easy to give up smoking and after about 2 months. I quit smokin seven months ago no aids well except lyin in a hospital bed just.

I have quit smoking for a month now cold turkey and i feel im VERY. It must have been 9 months ago that I had my last cigarette. Question - I quit smoking about 9 months ago and now my lungs seem to. Pot Heads trying to Quit - I'm 24, I quit smoking 4 years & 1 month ago. Ive stopped 3 months ago after smoking for 12 yrs.

I quit smoking nearly five years ago at age 48. What happens when you quit smoking? Health benefits within minutes of quitting. Is this normal? Thank you. Walk 3 kms and then Bench Press, leg Press and Dead. Whereas a desire to quit happens with every cigarette we smoke! From_within added this goal 9 months ago. What Are the Side Effects of Quitting Smoking? i quit smoking 12 weeks ago and have not felt very well since.

I quit smoking 13 months ago next week.